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Galanos Wholesale Linen

ιματισμος ξενοδοχειων

Galanos linen, since 1965

Why choose us

In our company you’ll find a wide range of products, adjusted to the demands of the market and of our times. We always strive to offer high quality products, at the lowest possible prices.

What’s important for us

Our focus is first and foremost on the customer. We actively listen to their needs and any issues they may have come up against from within the market, and try to meet their expecations as much as we can. Every year, we strive to orient our company to these needs through our research. We seek out the best products from Europe and Asia, we try to serve our customers as fast as we can, and we’re always there to listen to any complaints and improve ourselves.

About Us

The involvement of the Galanos company in the wholesale linen sector begins many decades ago. From 2011 onwards the company enters a new modern era, now active in the sale of linen exclusive for hotels, all kinds of tourist accommodation, ships, hair salons, beauty salons etc.
With its own modern facilities in the main country of origin of the products, the company has the maximum possibility of finding the best products suited for Greece, but also the best control of them before they end up on the market.

hotel linen
Our sampling area
λευκα ειδη ξενοδοχειων
Our offices

Our philosophy

We’re always standing by our customers, adjusting to their needs and demands!

Galanos Company

Where you can find our products

We’d love to welcome you to our company space in Nikea, to get to know you and show you our products. If that’s not possible for you, we’ve tried to give you a full picture of what you’d see if you came in person, on our new and upgraded website. Contact us and make your order, and we’ll ship it to you.
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