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Product Quality

λευκα ειδη χονδρικη

We are among those who are still using and guaranteeing our all white towel range is 100 % double ply cotton, which means all our products are suitable for commercial laundering and have at least 15%-20% more guaranteed life than normal towels. The towels we supply will always have high tensile and tear strength, making it more durable, more sustainable and performance orientated, hence all the supplies in white towel range will have 20 double strength cotton and we are proud to write this on our label so each towel you buy from is the performance towel and you are sure that your hotels & laundries will never complaint about them.

Real quality towels Galanos!

Galanos company has many years of operation with vast experience in towel manufacturing. With continuous improvement through research and development over the years we have learned methods and techniques that few companies in the sector in Greece know!

We at Galanos know how to make the best out of best!

λευκα ειδη galanos
λευκα ειδη ξενοδοχειων

How does it work?

The towels from Galanos company with 20 double strength ground are having more tensile and tear strength, which means more number of washes can be done, and they will also save your laundry machines by reducing linting increasing the life of machine and reducing the maintenance cost. Each cotton twisted yarn when retwisted with another yarn, it will increase the strength x2 and reduce the cotton fiber to be extracted out from the towel during washing so 20 doubles are not only for the performance of the towels but is also friendly to your washing machines and laundry plants.

λευκα ειδη χονδρικη

What is tensile strength?

Tensile strength is the amount of load or stress that can be handled by a material before it stretches and breaks. As its name implies, tensile strength is the material’s resistance to tension that is caused by mechanical loads applied to the material.

What is tear strength?

Tearing strength is defined (ISO Standards) as the force required to start or to continue to tear a fabric, in either weft or warp direction, under specified conditions. A tear in a fabric or garment generally occurs progressively along a line, and can be initiated by a moving fabric being caught on a sharp object.

λευκα ειδη ξενοδοχειου


Towels from Galanos are having approximately 20% more life than all others ,and the best part is that the towel performs the best from the day one till the last day, as each towel is carefully checked double stitched and then packed in the controlled environment so that hand feel, appearance,whiteness and strength is not compromised at any level.

Further to the above mentioned details, the lab reports from our towels are described below to prove the results of the performance of the towels from Galanos company.

Laboratory Research Results
Towel comparison at 500 GSM

Results: Towels from Galanos company performed 12% more strength in tensile and 7% more strength in tear strength making is 19% more stronger than the regular towels in market.

πετσετεσ χονδρικη
πετσετεσ χονδρικη
Towel comparison at 600 GSM

Results: Towels from Galanos company performed 12% more strength in tensile and 7% more strength in tear strength making is 19% more stronger than the regular towels in market. 

Every product purchased from the Galanos company definitely has the following certifications:
πετσετεσ χονδρικη
πετσετεσ χονδρικη
λευκα ειδη χονδρικη
λευκα ειδη χονδρικη
λευκα ειδη χονδρικη
*The above prices do not include VAT
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